ARF1017 is a highly linear gallium-arsenide E-band power amplifier  designed for high bandwidth applications. With 29 dBm of saturated output power across the band and 24 dB of linear gain, it is well suited for automotive radar test and measurement systems. The part is pre matched to 50 Ω with an integrated, high dynamic range and temperature compensated power detector. The device is ESD protected to simplify handling and assembly. RF ports are ac coupled.

The part is RoHS* compliant and built with the latest manufacturing techniques to optimize for reliability and quality control.

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  • 76-81 GHz Test and Measurement Systems
  • ISM
  • Automotive radar

Min. Frequency (GHz): 76.0

Max. Frequency (GHz): 81.0

Gain (dB): 24

P1dB (dBm): 28

Psat (dBm): 29

OIP3 (dBm): 35.0

Bias Voltage (V): -0.5/4

Bias Current (mA): 1100

Package: Bare Die

• 76—81 GHz Power Amplifier
• 29 dBm Output Psat
• > 15 dB Input Return Loss
• > 10 dB Output Return Loss

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