The ARF2101 is a Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) Phase Shifter. Between the RF input and output port, the RF signal can be shifted in phase over the full range of 360 ° in 63 steps of 5.625 ° per step. The control logic is selectable and can be both of a parallel or serial input type. In parallel mode, high speed switching operation is guaranteed. While in serial mode the ease of an SPI a-like protocol is provided. The insertion loss is typical 6 dB, while the amplitude variation remains limited to +/-1.4 dB across all phase settings. The operating frequency ranges from 8.0 to 12.0 GHz. This Phase Shifter is made in proven and robust GaAs pHEMT technology and optical gate lithography is used to ensure high repeatability and uniformity. At the backside of the bare die MMIC, via holes and gold metallisation are applied to allow for an easy conductive epoxy die attach process.

The part is RoHS* compliant and built with the latest manufacturing techniques to optimize for reliability andquality control.

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• Phased Array Radar
• Weather Monitoring Radar
• Active Antenna for Satcom

Min. Frequency (GHz): 8.0

Max. Frequency (GHz): 12.0

P1dB (dBm): 25

Package: Bare Die

Range (Deg): 354.4

# Bits: 6

LSB (Deg): 5.625

GAIN variation (dB): 1.4

• Digital Controlled 6-Bit Phase Shifter
• Serial or Parallel Control Interface
• +/-1.4 dB Amplitude Variation over all Phases
• 6 dB Insertion Loss
• 50 Ω Impedance

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