Demo Boards For ARF1010Q4, 22-30 GHz, 1 Watt, High-Efficiency Linear Power Amplifier

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Altum RF introduces its latest high efficiency linear amplifier, ARF1010Q4, for high data-rate applications. Operating from 22-30 GHz, the ARF1010Q4 delivers 28 dB of linear gain and 36 dBm OIP3 at Pout = 20 dBm. At 26 GHz it can deliver 1 W output power with 23% PAE (power added efficiency).
This linear amplifier is packaged in a 4×4 QFN, requires only a positive voltage supply, and is ideal for demanding, high-order modulation schemes such as millimeter-wave 5G for the n258 and n261 band as well as other 24GHz ISM applications.

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