Altum RF’s ARF1307C7 is a packaged GaN distributed amplifier for 2-20 GHz applications. The amplifier provides 17 dB small signal gain, 10 W saturated output power with 11 dB of power gain and >20% power added efficiency. The ARF1307C7 features a robust, lead-free and RoHS-compliant 7 x 7 mm ceramic QFN package with excellent thermal and electrical properties.
The ARF1307 is suitable for higher performance commercial and defense related applications, such as test & measurement equipment, EW, and commercial or defense radar systems.


• Test and Measurement Equipment
• Telecommunications
• EW Applications

Min. Frequency (GHz): 2

Max. Frequency (GHz): 20

Gain (dB): 17

Psat (dBm): 40

Bias Voltage (V): 28

Bias Current (mA): 950

Package: 7 x 7 Ceramic

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