Altum RF Gets Its Prototype Right The First Time, Shortens Design Process by 30%

A case study article from Keysight Technologies on Altum RF’s design flow

Challenges: New Technology, New Project, New Design Tool

The technology Altum RF chose was a second-generation 0.25 μm gallium nitride (GaN) HEMT process. This choice posed yet another challenge. Nonlinear transistor models were not available at the start of the design project as the process was in the prerelease phase. Only a limited selection of test devices were available for characterization and fitting of the MQFET model used in the design.
In summary, Altum RF embarked on an unrivaled project with a combination of challenging specifications on power, gain, and bandwidth. It had to include the effects of bonding and packaging the device to create a turnkey solution for its customers. The company used a new technology with an incomplete process design kit missing nonlinear models. And it had to achieve all its goals within a strict timeline.

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