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GaAs-Based Q/V/E-Band Solutions : Low-Noise, Medium-Power, Up to 90 GHz

Altum RF’s lineup of broadband Q/V/E-band low-noise and medium-power amplifiers enable next-generation technology and high-capacity networks. Applications include test and measurement, SATCOM, and point-to-point wireless communication for 5G and 6G networks. These high-frequency amplifiers use advanced GaAs technology, which delivers low noise figure and linear amplification with less signal distortion at medium power.

Altum RF offers a wide range of components for SATCOM and radar applications. We are designing custom components, along with catalog products. We continue to expand our product portfolio, so if you do not see a component you need, please inquire as it may be in development.

ARF1206/L5 E-Band LNA

Altum RF’s ARF1206 E-band low-noise amplifier is suitable for a variety of demanding telecommunications and sensing applications. It features 20 dB typical gain with 2.5-3.5 dB noise figure from 71-86 GHz and operates off a single 4V supply. It is pre-matched on the input and output to 50 Ω with integrated ESD-protection. This part is fabricated using GaAs technology and is also available in a 5 x 5 mm² surface mount package, the ARF1206L5.

ARF1207 V-Band LNA/Driver/Medium Power Amplifier

ARF1207 is a linear, low-noise, medium power, high gain amplifier for V-band applications. The part is pre-matched to 50 Ω and is ESD protected to simplify handling and assembly. The multistage amplifier has a single gate and single drain supply which can be connected from either side of the die for ease of use.

ARF1208/L5 Q-Band LNA

Altum RF’s ARF1208L5 is a packaged low noise amplifier for Q- and V-band applications. With 28 dB of small signal gain and a typical noise figure of 3 dB, it is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including Satcom. When operated with a driver bias it is capable of delivering a PSAT of +19 dBm. ARF1208L5 operates with a single gate supply and a single drain supply. It is pre matched to 50 Ω, ESD protected and housed in a 5 x 5 mm² surface mount package to simplify handling and assembly.

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